Privacy Policy

Date of last revision: 23 August 2021



This Privacy Policy ensures you understand how Greenland Audio collects and securely stores your personal and/or protected information obtained when you browse our site. Personal information is considered any information you disclose to us either expressly or indirectly whilst browsing our site. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to define the processes implemented to ensure the protection of your personal information. The collection of sensitive information is restricted by the provisions of the Privacy Act. Information will only be collected if it applies to the goods or services we provide. By using the Greenland Audio website, you consent to the collection of data as described in this document.



“Our/the site” refers to, it’s subdomains, and webpages.

“Us/Greenland Audio” refers to Greenland Audio Pty Ltd and its staff.

“User(s)” refers to anyone browsing the site (as defined above).

“Third-party” refers to any individual or organisation outside of Greenland Audio Pty Ltd.


SSL Security:

The security of you personal information is important to us. Greenland Audio uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to automatically encrypt the information you provide to us on secure pages of our site.


The specifics of collected personal data are outlined below.


Logon name and password confidentiality:

Greenland Audio gives its users the ability to create an account on our site to assist in fast checkout, warranty claims and store support. It is the sole responsibilty of the user to protect and authorise the use of logon names and passwords. Greenland Audio Pty Ltd cannot take responsibilty for user logon name and password use. Greenland Audio will not disclose personal information included in your account, inlcuding names, email addresses and payment methods, unless required to by law.


Internet (IP) Address:

Greenland Audio uses your internet (IP) address to monitor traffic through our site. Greenland Audio may collect and store information such as the pages you visit and timestamps of when you visited said pages through Google Analytics. This data is used to improve user experience on our site and provide better web content to you, the user. Greenland Audio promises not to disclose collected information to a third party unless required by law. When finished with collected data, Greenland Audio will destroy all records of your IP address and activity on our site.


Per-session cookies:

Greenland Audio may issue you a per-session cookie when you arrive on our site. Per-session cookies are used to track user sessions to provide a better user experience. Per-session cookies expire when the user closes their web browser.


Google advertising cookies:

Greenland Audio uses Google Advertising cookies to collect information on the demographics that use our site. This information includes, but is not limited to: age, gender and interests based on previous browsing data. This data does not include personal information such as names, email addresses or website logon details. Greenland Audio will not identify users or facilitate the merging of personally identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected through any Google advertising product or feature. Greenland Audio will not disclose collected data to any third-party or un-authorised member of the Greenland Audio team. Greenland Audio will never use collected information to display targetted ads on our site. Information collected through Google Advertising Cookies is used to improve the user experience. When finished with collected data, Greenland Audio will destroy all records and information pertaining to the user. Users can opt-out of Google data collection using Google’s opt-out browser extension available here:


Personal Information:

Greenland Audio collects personal information through contact forms and the site checkout. Any information collected is retained for the purposes of fulfilling requests and is not disclosed to any third party or unathorised person unless required by law. Information such as emails and personal addresses are used only for purposes stated when giving us such information. Greenland Audio reserves the right to retain personal information for reference in the event of warranty claims or disputes. Data that is no longer required will be detroyed. Greenland Audio will not use your personal information for un-stated purposes without your express permission.


Credit Card payments and information:

Greenland Audio handles payments through our merchant gateway, Square AU Pty Ltd. When placing an order through our site, your payment details are securely provided to Square AU Pty Ltd via an SSL connection. Greenland Audio does not disclose any personal information, other than what is required for payment processing, to Square AU Pty Ltd. Greenland Audio does not store your credit card details.


Your privacy is of uptmost importance to us. If you have any queries or concerns, or you require further information or clarification, please contact us via our website contact form or telephone.


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