SM7B Broadcast Dynamic Microphone

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Shure SM7B
Shure SM7B
Shure SM7B
Shure SM7B

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Product Overview

Simply the first choice for your voice.

Introducing the SM7B

Whether it's big-time broadcasting, professional podcasts or critical studio recordings, this legendary dynamic microphone delivers smooth, warm vocals every time. The SM7B captures and enhances the finer details of the human voice while blocking out all the distractions. An audio icon.

Perfect for every professional application

Featuring on countless hit records over the years, the SM7B isn't just great for vocals, of course. Producers often use the mic to capture guitar tone, while some even swear by it when recording a snare drum and hi-hat!

Woman playing guitar sings into the Shure SM7B

An incredible history

There just aren't that many products that have delivered for so many generations in so many different fields. Technology has marched on, but the physics of the human voice have not. The SM7 sounded amazing back in 1973, and the SM7B still sounds amazing today.

Technical Details

Dynamic (moving coil)

Frequency Response:
50 to 20,000 Hz

Polar Pattern:

Output Impedance:
150 Ω
(@ 1 kHz, open circuit voltage)
-59 dBV/Pa[1] (1.12 mV)

Hum Pickup:
(typical, at 60 Hz, equivalent SPL/mOe)
11 dB

Positive pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 with respect to pin 3

Net Weight:
0.764 kg (1.69 lbs)

Dark gray enamel aluminum and steel case with dark gray foam windscreen.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review